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||Title||MP3||AIFF (CD quality)
|Acaso No Haz Oido|[MP3|Music/Acaso No Haz Oido.mp3]|-
|Al Que Nos Ama|[MP3|Music/Al Que Nos Ama.mp3]|-
|A Quien Tengo Yo|[MP3|Music/A Quien Tengo Yo.mp3]|-
|A Way Out|[MP3|Music/A Way Out.mp3]|-
|Be At Rest|[MP3|Music/Be At Rest.mp3]|-
|Bendito Aquel|[MP3|Music/Bendito Aquel.mp3]|-
|Black Sheep|[MP3|Music/Black Sheep.mp3]|-
|Blessed Are...|[MP3|Music/Blessed Are....mp3]|-
|Blessed is the man_Bendito Aquel (instrumental)|[MP3|Music/Blessed is the man_Bendito Aquel (instrumental).mp3]|-
|Blessed Is The Man|[MP3|Music/Blessed Is The Man.mp3]|-
|Canten Con Gozo|[MP3|Music/Canten Con Gozo.mp3]|-
|Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled|[MP3|Music/Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled.mp3]|-
|Do Not Throw Away Your Confidence|[MP3|Music/Do Not Throw Away Your Confidence.mp3]|-
|Do Not Worry|[MP3|Music/Do Not Worry.mp3]|-
|Do You Not Know?_Acaso No Haz Oido_ (instrumental)|[MP3|Music/Do You Not Know____Acaso No Haz Oido_ (instrumental).mp3]|-
|Do You Not Know? (live version)|[MP3|Music/Do You Not Know_ (live version).mp3]|-
|Do You Not Know?|[MP3|Music/Do You Not Know_.mp3]|-
|Draw Near To God|[MP3|Music/Draw Near To God.mp3]|-
|En Ti Esperamos|[MP3|Music/En Ti Esperamos.mp3]|-
|Finally, Brothers, Good-bye|[MP3|Music/Finally, Brothers, Good-bye.mp3]|-
|Firmes Seguid|[MP3|Music/Firmes Seguid.mp3]|-
|Have I Not Commanded You?|[MP3|Music/Have I Not Commanded You_.mp3]|-
|Hear, O Lord|[MP3|Music/Hear, O Lord.mp3]|-
|He Is The Image|[MP3|Music/He Is The Image.mp3]|-
|His Grace Is Sufficient|[MP3|Music/His Grace Is Sufficient.mp3]|-
|How Great Is The Love|[MP3|Music/How Great Is The Love.mp3]|-
|Humble Yourselves|[MP3|Music/Humble Yourselves.mp3]|-
|I Am Thankful for the Blood of Christ|[MP3|Music/IAmThankfulForTheBloodOfChrist.mp3]|-
|I Am Thankful for the Blood of Christ|[M4A|Music/IAmThankfulForTheBloodOfChrist.m4a]|-
|I Am The Way|[MP3|Music/I Am The Way.mp3]|-
|I Ask That We Love One Another|[MP3|Music/I Ask That We Love One Another.mp3]|-
|I Have Fought The Good Fight|[MP3|Music/I Have Fought The Good Fight.mp3]|-
|I Know The Plans|[MP3|Music/I Know The Plans.mp3]|-
|I Know the Plans_StandFirm @ Celebration Fellowship|[MP3|Music/I Know the Plans_StandFirm @ Celebration Fellowship.mp3]|-
|I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills|[M4A|Music/IAmThankfulForTheBloodOfChrist.m4a]|-
|I Love You, O Lord|[MP3|Music/I Love You, O Lord.mp3]|-
|I No Longer Live|[MP3|Music/I No Longer Live.mp3]|-
|In The Lord Alone|[MP3|Music/In The Lord Alone.mp3]|-
|It Is Good|[MP3|Music/It Is Good.mp3]|-
|I Want To Know Christ|[MP3|Music/I Want To Know Christ.mp3]|-
|I Will Praise You, O Lord 1|[MP3|Music/I Will Praise You, O Lord 1.mp3]|-
|Let The Morning|[MP3|Music/Let The Morning.mp3]|-
|Let Them Praise The Name|[MP3|Music/Let Them Praise The Name.mp3]|-
|Love Must Be Sincere|[MP3|Music/Love Must Be Sincere.mp3]|-
|May The God|[MP3|Music/May The God.mp3]|-
|More and More|[MP3|Music/More and More.mp3]|-
|Not To Us|[MP3|Music/Not To Us.mp3]|-
|Oh, The Depth|[MP3|Music/Oh, The Depth.mp3]|-
|Oh, the depth_!Que Profundus Riquezas! (instrumental)|[MP3|Music/Oh, the depth_!Que Profundus Riquezas! (instrumental).mp3]|-
|Out of the Depths|[MP3|Music/Out of the Depths.mp3]|-
|Praise the Lord!|[MP3|Music/Praise the Lord!.mp3]|-
|Que Profundus Riquezas!|[MP3|Music/Que Profundus Riquezas!.mp3]|-
|Remain in Me_To Him_We Wait_Plans_Remain_StandFirm|[MP3|Music/Remain in Me_To Him_We Wait_Plans_Remain_StandFirm.mp3]|-
|Set Me Free|[MP3|Music/Set Me Free.mp3]|-
|Sing Joyfully!_Canten Con Gozo (instrumental)|[MP3|Music/Sing Joyfully!_Canten Con Gozo (instrumental).mp3]|-
|Sing Joyfully! (live) 1|[MP3|Music/Sing Joyfully! (live) 1.mp3]|-
|Sing Joyfully!|[MP3|Music/Sing Joyfully!.mp3]|-
|Speak And Act 1|[MP3|Music/Speak And Act 1.mp3]|-
|Stand Firm_Firmes Seguid (instrumental)|[MP3|Music/Stand Firm_Firmes Seguid (instrumental).mp3]|-
|Thanks Be To God|[MP3|Music/Thanks Be To God.mp3]|-
|The Fruit Of The Spirit 1|[MP3|Music/The Fruit Of The Spirit 1.mp3]|-
|The Hour Has Come 1|[MP3|Music/The Hour Has Come 1.mp3]|-
|Therefore Since We Are Surrounded|[MP3|Music/Therefore Since We Are Surrounded.mp3]|-
|There Is No Fear In Love 2|[MP3|Music/There Is No Fear In Love 2.mp3]|-
|To Him_Al Que Nos Ama (instrumental)|[MP3|Music/To Him_Al Que Nos Ama (instrumental).mp3]|-
|To Him (choir)|[MP3|Music/To Him (choir).mp3]|-
|To Him|[MP3|Music/To Him.mp3]|-
|To Him Who Is Able – Jude Hymn|[MP3|Music/To Him Who Is Able – Jude Hymn.mp3]|-
|Unless The Lord|[MP3|Music/Unless The Lord.mp3]|-
|We Do Not Lose Heart|[MP3|Music/We Do Not Lose Heart.mp3]|-
|We Wait In Hope_En Ti Esperamos (instrumental)|[MP3|Music/We Wait In Hope_En Ti Esperamos (instrumental).mp3]|-
|We Wait In Hope|[MP3|Music/We Wait In Hope.mp3]|-
|We Wait In Hope (violin\oboe)|[MP3|Music/WeWaitInHope~violino~oboe.mp3]|-
|Where Were You?|[MP3|Music/Where Were You_.mp3]|-
|Who Among The gods?|[MP3|Music/Who Among The gods_.mp3]|-
|Whom Have I?_A Quien Tengo Yo_ (instrumental)|[MP3|Music/Whom Have I____A Quien Tengo Yo_ (instrumental).mp3]|-
|Whom Have I?|[MP3|Music/Whom Have I_.mp3]|-
|Without Faith|[MP3|Music/Without Faith.mp3]|-
|You Turned My Wailing 1|[MP3|Music/You Turned My Wailing 1.mp3]|-
|You Were Running A Good Race|[MP3|Music/You Were Running A Good Race.mp3]|-